What is MAKANI?

The Turtle

We have seen them; alive, but also dead on the sand. The Sea Turtle is for us not just a symbol, but a sign that more active action against the pollution of our Ocean habitats is long overdue.

- Every contribution is essential!

The Eye

We should all keep an eye on the environment. Put your sweet wrappers

in your pocket instead of simply throwing it onto the street. Recycle your plastic and help ensure that something new can be made from the waste you throw away.

- We already have board shorts.

(The yarn generated from recycling seven PET-bottles is enough to create one pair of Makani board shorts!)

The Name

The word “MAKANI” comes from the Hawaiian word for wind.

Since all of us here at Makani are windsurfers, we could think of no better name for our board shorts.

The Leaf

To match our board shorts we have produced a stylish range of 100% organic cotton MAKANI T-shirts.

Sustainable and ethical manufacturing are central

to our textiles; from the raw materials to the finished product, the whole process is sustainable.

- We participate!

What makes MAKANI different?

Boardshorts made of 100% recycled polyester

Whether surfer, windsurfer, kite-surfer or paddle-boarder, all of us embrace sport and nature as pure life philosophy. The boardshorts represent this lifestyle philosophy from the beginning.

We at MAKANI want to go one step further! We use 100% recycled polyester, and as a result our boardshorts not only have a high level of performance and functionality, but also require 53% less energy consumption and produce 55% less CO2-emissions compared to new material production [1]. 10% of the 200 million tonnes of plastic produced every year makes its way directly into the oceans where it cannot be broken down, creating a danger to the environment and the animals that inhabit it [2,3]. With this enormous amount of plastic waste, every PET bottle counts!


[1] Cherrett et al., Stockholm Environment Institute.

[2] Raveender Vannela, Environmental Science & Technology. 2012, 46, 7932-7933.

[3] www.umweltbundesamt.de/services/uba-fragen/verrottet-plastik-gar-nicht-nur-sehr-langsam (02.10.2017)

Textiles made of 100% organic cotton

We are ambitious because we want to deliver a product that is both unique and long lasting. For us sustainability means using exclusively 100% organic cotton and certified print colors, resulting in a textile that is noticeably softer to the touch, which you can feel as soon as you put on a MAKANI T-shirt. It is a matter very close to our hearts, that our MAKANI T-shirts have been produced under fair working conditions. Promised and certified!


100% organic combed cotton and certified printing color


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